Real-time dashboard and metrics make data visible and help in decision-making

Do you lead by data? If not, would you like to?

When data is made visible – clear graphs – it starts to guide decisions in the right direction subconsciously. The first step is to decide which direction you want to go. Then measure where you are going. The third, perhaps the most important, step is to measure the factors and constituents that affect this larger goal meter. It will help to find correlations and make the right conclusions and decisions to achieve the goals.

Combining information from different sources helps to find contextual information.

We implement Klipfolio dashboards to our customers, and we also use it in our management. It can easily connect data from different sources to the same meter.

I’ve taken one of our meters to this article as an example. It combines the site visitor count from Google Analytics and Pipechimp user registrations from our system.

At first I thought it was not a good example of the meter, but in fact, it is just a great example of the power of visualization of data. If you think of common sense, you would think that the number of registered users would be directly proportional to the number of people who visited our site. So if and when the goal is to increase the number of users, then it would be easily achieved by driving people to the site.

However, it is noted in the graph that there is some correlation between the number of visitors and the registered ones, but no direct contact. The explanation is therefore somewhat more in-depth, but let’s keep that in the business secrecy. However, this is an example of the fact that, with the help of more accurate information, we do not throw money randomly on marketing by assumptions, but we can better target our actions.

We tailor the dashboard to your business needs

This is just one example of the metrics. Company-specific information on meters can be imported from ERP, production management, financial and CRM systems, etc. Here you can read how our customer Vanajanlinna manages its marketing and sales by the booking situation.

A modern leader has their meters on a smartphone

Paper reports are so 90’s. These days dashboard follows you where ever you go on a smartphone. I check my meters on a coffee break like I check my social channels and news. That way I stay informed all the time. Likewise, the rest of our staff do. We do not need meetings to go through reports, but we can go straight to the point when it is needed.

Do you also want to have a real-time dashboard? Please contact us to talk more.

The metrics are automatically updated

This meter is the same as in the title image, but it automatically updates by live data every day. The actual dashboard and mobile application can be updated much more densely. For example, in every 15 minutes.

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