Pipedrive CRM software helps salespeople focus on actions that close deals

Pipedrive helps you organize your sales so you can more effectively execute actions that close deals. The foundation of being able to sell effectively is to have all your information, activities, and deals well organized. Our features are designed to help you keep everything under control so you can focus on selling.

Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.

Back in 2010, two of our co-founders, both seasoned sales managers, realized that the CRM landscape was populated by software designed to please the top brass while ignoring the needs of the people doing the actual selling.

So they partnered with talented developers to create a CRM that puts the needs of salespeople first. Grounded in the philosophy of activity-based selling, the result is Pipedrive, a tool now used by over 70,000 companies around the world.

Anna Räntilä, Supervisor of the Sales Team at Hotel Vanajanlinna

Pipedrive clicked for us as a part of our day-to-day work and implementation was painless. All of our salespeople saw the added value immediately, which is why we couldn’t imagine working without it. After a few months of use I can say that the project has already paid for itself in added sales.





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Let’s do !T is the official Pipedrive reseller

We provide you with the “turnkey” delivery of Pipedrive software. We’ll go through your business’ sales processes, and we’ll configure Pipedrive to meet them. We will train your administrator and sales personnel online. We can also transfer information from your old CRM system to Pipedrive, so your sales will continue seamlessly with the new system.

We can also integrate Pipedrive with other systems you’re using so that they form a whole solution. In its simplest form, we can link your website to Pipedrive so that the opportunities appears to your sales personnel’s Pipeline. For more advanced integration, a won deal at Pipedrive can automatically create an order or project to your ERP system and time tracking software.

Only imagination is the limit for Pipedrive’s comprehensive interfaces to allow anything.

We also take advantage of the add-ons you need and want, such as proposal management, dashboard, marketing and sales automation, and visitor tracking,

Would it be nice, for example, to get warm leads from your newsletter directly to Pipedrive or, to get a notification to your smartphone whenever your customer visits your site or reads your offer?

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