Privacy Policy

Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 and 24 § Creation Date June 1, 2017


1. Registry

Let’s do !T

QUUX OY (Business ID: 2796282-4)

Address: Tietotie 1, 37630, Valkeakoski, Finland
Mailing address: PL 2, 37601, VALKEAKOSKI

2. Contacts of individuals in matters relating to the registry


Teemu Tanskanen, Managing Director

+358 40 836 3990


3. Name of the registry

Let’s do !T markkinointi- ja asiakasrekisteri


4. Purpose of personal data processing

Let’s do !T uses its personal data registry to manage, implement, and develop customer relationships, customer service, sales and marketing. The target group of Let’s do !T is other companies and the registry aims to save only the contacts of individuals of these companies, whose tasks and/or responsibilities include the products and services offered by Let’s do !T. The personal data of individuals and/or minors are not deliberately stored in the registry. If the above-mentioned individuals’ data is detected, they will be removed immediately.

Personal data will be processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act. Only information relevant to the current and/or potential future customer relationship is stored in the registry. Information related to a person’s gender, health, sexual, political, or religious orientation or other privacy is not recorded in the registry.

The company may use partners to maintain a customer and service relationship, so parts of the registry information may be transferred to the partner’s servers due to technical requirements. The information is processed only for the purpose of maintaining the company’s own customer relationships and marketing through technical interfaces.

The information stored in the marketing and customer registry is also used for the after-sales and new customer acquisition of Let’s do !T.

Digital marketing is implemented in accordance with the good practice of B2B email marketing. Efforts are made to target email communications as accurately as possible to the work tasks of the data subject. Email communications can be unsubscribed via a link in every marketing email or by email to the above-mentioned contact individuals.


  1. Information content of the registry
  • Name
  • Title / Job Title
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Company
  • Contact details of a business
  • Company address information
  • Business area, size, number of employees, turnover, result
  • Information and notes about discussions, offers, and subscriptions
  • Details of contact and / or support requests made by a person
  • Details of digital direct marketing (email) broadcasts, openings, clicks and exits from the mailing list
  • Information about documents sent through the electronic offering system, their opening, viewing and posting.
  • Possible information about web roaming and website usage

Regular sources of information

The information is obtained from the customer’s orders and / or filled in forms from the data added to the client system during the online service or during the use of the service.

Updates to name and contact information are also available from authorities and companies that provide update services. Information may also be obtained from service providers and subcontractors involved in the use or production of the service or the delivery of B2B target groups. Information can also be accessed and supplemented by social media, the public network, and service providers that provide and supplement this information.

The registry information is complemented with Let’s do !T website (cookies) and customer-filled forms, as well as transmission, opening, click and list removal data tracked by the online direct marketing service. The data can also be supplemented with personal and usage information of applications and services developed by Let’s do !T companies under the umbrella brand.

7. Disclosure of registered Information

Customer registry information is only available to the company, except when using an external service provider for marketing the products and services of Let’s do !T. However, the information can be released to Let’s do !T companies for legitimate purposes.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

Data is not routinely disclosed or transferred outside the EU or the EEA, with the exception of servers for information systems and service providers we use that may be located outside the EU or the EEA. In this case, it is ensured that what. the provider meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

9.Principles of Registry Security

Only certain employees of the Company and its affiliates have the right to use and maintain the Customer Ownership and Customer registry.

Each defined user has their own personal username and password. Each user has signed a confidentiality commitment.

The systems are technically protected according to industry standards against external attacks and intrusions. In case of potential intrusion, it will be communicated to the authorities and relevant individuals in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

10. Cookies

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11. Right of inspection

The data subject has the right to check what information he has in the registry.

The request for verification must be made in written form by contacting the company’s customer service or the contact person of the Registry in Finnish or English.

The identity of the person requesting the verification must be verified at a sufficient level before the information is released.

12. Right to claim information rectification

Personal data in the registry that is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or out of date for the purpose of processing must be corrected, deleted or supplemented.

A request for correction must be made by a written request to the company’s customer service or to the person holding the registry. The identity of the person making the request for rectification must be verified at a sufficient level prior to the disclosure.

The request should identify what information is required to be adjusted and on what basis. The correction is done without delay.

In the event of refusal of a request for rectification, the person in charge of the registry shall issue a written certificate stating the reasons for the refusal of the request for correction. The person concerned may bring the refusal to the Data Protection Officer.

13. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The data subject has the right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of his / her data for direct marketing and other marketing, to require anonymisation of the data, as appropriate, and to be completely forgotten if the authorities and / or legislation do not prevent it.

The request must be made by written request to the company’s customer service or to the personal registry administrator. The identity of the person making the request for rectification must be verified at a sufficient level prior to the disclosure.

The request should identify what information is required for anonymisation or total deletion and on what basis.

The ban on online direct digital marketing can simply be done at the end of each email or by informing the registrar.