Your voice was heard! We are building the new Pipechimp 2.0

What’s new?

1. Company-wide sync

The current version of Pipechimp is personal. It means that each Pipechimp user needs their own Pipechimp account to sync their Pipedrive contacts to MailChimp and contacts’ actions back to Pipedrive.

Some if not many of our users consider that to be laborious and inconvenient to handle several Paypal payments and share MailChimp API keys.

In the new version, we’ll launch Company and Company pro plans where you can manage Pipechimp synchronization for the whole company with one Pipechimp account.

2. Use of Pipedrive filters to select what contacts are synced

Our users have many different use cases for syncing. Some would like to sync only prospects; other would like to sync customers who have bought, etc. All would like to filter out contacts who have denied sending marketing emails.

Pipedrive has a comprehensive feature to build filters. You can create filters by almost any data in Pipedrive. See more here.

In the new Pipechimp version, you can use Pipedrive filters to select which contacts will be synced to MailChimp and Pipechimp will also unsubscribe contacts which doesn’t match the filter anymore.

With the new “Sync rule” feature, you can use up to 5 Pipedrive filters in Company plan and up to 20 in Company pro plan.

3. Use multiple MailChimp lists

In the current version Pipechimp syncs contacts to one MailChimp list where you can segment contacts by Pipedrive standard and custom fields.

Our users have many needs where they want to sync different contact’s to different MailChimp list. With the new versions Sync rule feature, you can channel contacts from different Pipedrive filters to different MailChimp list and of course their actions back to Pipedrive.

You can use up to 5 MailChimp lists in Company plan and up to 20 in Company pro plan.

4. Channel warm Pipechimp leads (Deals) to different Pipedrive pipelines

Current Pipechimp creates leads to contact owners default pipeline.

There are many cases when you might want Pipechimp leads to be created to certain Pipeline. For example, you could have your service business prospects in one MailChimp list and product business prospects on the other. With our new Sync rule feature, you can channel service leads, and product leads to different Pipedrive pipelines.

You can channel leads up to 20 different pipelines in the new Company pro plan.

5. Field mapping

The current Pipechimp version syncs standard and custom person fields to MailChimp in the order of existence in Pipedrive. MailChimp has a 30 merge field limit, which leads to the situation where some needed fields might not be synced.

With the new Field mapping feature, you can select which fields will be synced to MailChimp. With Field mapping, you are not limited only to Pipedrive person fields, but you can also sync organization fields and even deal fields to Mailchimp within the MailChimp’s 30 field limit.

6. Create Pipedrive activities from unsub/bounce/click

The current version creates notes to contact persons from sent, open, click, unsub and bounce activities. It also creates deals from clicks.

You might want to be better informed about unsubscriptions or bounced or maybe you want to have activity from link click instead of deals. Or if you desire them all, you can have them.

With the new company pro version, you will have these options available to you. You can set it up to create activities from the MailChimp subscriber actions that you want.

After all, Pipedrive is all about activity based selling. With this new feature, you can fully take advantage of it.

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