Pipechimp installation guide

Pipechimp installation tutorial

This is a quick guide to installing Pipechimp, an application to help you get warm leads from your email campaigns straight to your Pipedrive.

In the video, we go through all the steps needed to get Pipechimp up and running.

Here is a step-by-step guide how to install Pipechimp:
  • Click here to go to the Pipedrive marketplace and click install;
  • Select the Pipedrive account you wish to sync and accept terms and services;
  • After installing you will be directed to the Pipechimp app where you need to set up the API settings: 
  • Post the API key found in Mailchimp and select the audience you want your Pipedrive contacts to be synced to.
  • After that, you can customize integration settings for your needs;
  • Your free trial will start immediately after installing, and if you wish to continue using our app after the trial period ends, you can set up payment under the billing tab in Pipechimp.
If you have any questions or need help installing Pipechimp please contact us.